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white plush seating in front of a large home theater screen showing superheroes


The promise of cinematic sound in your St. Louis, MO, entertainment spaces is tantalizing, but there's a catch: how do you make those powerful home theater speakers blend seamlessly with your carefully curated decor? Find out below.


Person’s hand holding a Control4 Halo remote with a Listening screen interface showing


As the Gateway to the West, St. Louis is a city rich in history, culture, and a deep love for the arts. With whole-home AV distribution, you can elevate your living spaces and create an unparalleled entertainment experience that adds value and charm to your entire property.

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Lights, Camera, Action! Your Dream Custom Home Theater Awaits

home theater space with luxury seating and a large screen with the number three on it.

Bring the Movies (and Sports, and More!) Home with You

The lights dim, curtains draw, and the screen comes alive as you settle into plush seats—welcome to your very own custom home theater. In the heart of St. Louis, MO, homeowners are elevating their entertainment experiences to unparalleled heights with bespoke media spaces fit for the entire family. In our blog below, we’ll explore the advantages of a custom home theater and why it's the ultimate indulgence for entertainment enthusiasts in Gateway City and beyond.

Let Whole-Home Audio Fill Your Living Spaces With High-End Media

A large, open living space featuring in-ceiling speakers for a whole-home audio system.


Imagine pressing a single button and filling your room with high-fidelity sound that envelops you entirely. With whole-home audio, you can experience this setup across your entire St. Louis, MO, property. Stream music, listen to movies and TV shows, and catch up on podcasts and audiobooks throughout your home!

Upgrade your home sound system today and listen to your favorite tunes with ease. Learn more about this audio system by reading below!

Home Automation: The Perfect Blend of Convenience and Comfort

Closeup shot of a hand holding a smartphone with a Control4 user interface.

Discover What's Possible When You Work with AV Experts

Gone are the days when you had to get up from your couch to turn off the lights or adjust the temperature. With home automation, you can control every aspect of your St. Louis, MO, home with just a few button taps or a voice command. Discover what's possible from Control4, one of the brand leaders in the smart home industry, by reading below!

Are Outdoor Speakers Really Weatherproof?

An outdoor speaker installation with a speaker mounted against a house.

Get Long-Lasting, Great-Sounding Audio Outdoors

It almost sounds too good to be true—are outdoor speakers really weather-proof? As in, can they stay outside through the hottest St. Louis summers and snowiest winters?

The short answer is yes. Outdoor speakers are specifically designed to withstand the elements and deliver reliable performance, rain or shine. Think of sports stadiums, amusement parks, or restaurants with outdoor patios. Their audio systems can play rain or shine—and with the right equipment, so can yours. Plus, outdoor speakers can double as landscape lighting, like the speaker above!

Let's take a closer look at how outdoor speaker installations are done—and how you can make sure your outdoor speakers last as long as possible in your St. Louis, MO, backyard.

What Is Home Technology Integration & Why Is It Important?

Hand holding a tablet with a Control4 smart home interface on the screen.

The Key to a Successful Smart Home

It's no secret that smart home technology is growing increasingly popular in modern homes. More homes than ever include smart devices, from smart thermostats to voice-activated speakers.

But there's a difference between owning some smart gadgets and having a fully-integrated smart home. What do we mean by an integrated smart home? We're referring to a centralized control system that connects to all the electronics in your St. Louis, MO, home. That way, you can access all devices from a single interface.

Here's why home technology integration is so important for a successful smart home experience!

More Than a Light Switch: Control4’s Smart Wall Keypads

A hand pressing a “Good Morning” button on a Control4 system wall keypad.

Control Entire Rooms or the Whole House with a Tap of a Button

When most people think of smart homes, they imagine controlling lights, entertainment, and security on a tablet or smartphone app. But one of our favorite things about home automation systems like Control4 is the custom wall keypads.

As a Control4 dealer, we can program buttons on sleek, stylish keypads to activate any technology settings you desire. Plus, the keypads are customizable to match your interior décor and available in many colors and finishes, including stainless steel, bronze, and satin nickel.

Here are just a few ways you can use keypads with your Control4 system at home in St. Louis, MO. 

How We Integrate Landscape Audio Systems With Indoor Speakers

An Episode Radiance outdoor audio and lighting processor installed on the wall next to some lawn chairs and a pool.

Enjoy Music Across Your Entire Property—Indoors & Outside

We've written about landscape audio systems and how they bring powerful, high-quality sound to outdoor areas. And, of course, we're all about multi-room audio systems that blend speakers into a home's interior. Why not merge them both?

If you're interested in outdoor audio, it doesn't have to be separate from your indoor speaker system. Here's how we build whole-home audio systems that include the outdoors for homeowners in St. Louis, MO. 

Are Outdoor TVs Really Weatherproof?

An outdoor TV mounted on a home’s deck with a table and chairs in front of it.

Outdoor Televisions & Their Power of Weather-Resistance

It may be hard to believe, but outdoor televisions made by brands like Séura and SunBriteTV can stay mounted outdoors all year long. Even if it rains, snows, or is 90 degrees in the summertime, the outdoor TV will still perform flawlessly.

As a home technology integrator based in St. Louis, MO, we regularly install outdoor TV systems in our customers' backyards. How are outdoor TVs able to withstand the elements? In this blog, we'll share what to look for in an outdoor TV installation to ensure your display is safe in all weather conditions. 

What Makes for a Successful Outdoor Speaker Installation?

Large luxury pool in a backyard surrounded by trees.

Design the Ultimate Outdoor Sonic Experience With the Right Tools 

Missouri springs are some of the most beautiful in the country, so why spend that time cooped up inside? A professional outdoor speaker installation lets you enjoy your favorite music or podcasts while lying by the pool or preparing a famous St. Louis barbecue.

When you work with us, you'll enjoy pristine sound without disrupting the neighbors or your landscaping. Check out our latest blog to see how we make it happen. 

5 Questions & Answers About Outdoor Entertainment

People seated on a covered patio with an outdoor TV mounted on a fireplace.

Make the Most of Your Backyard Spaces This Year 

Warmer weather is finally around the corner, and when it's here, we all want to make the most of it. That may mean going to the lake or visiting nature trails, but when we just want to relax at home? Outdoor entertainment technology lets you swap the living room for the beautiful outdoors instead.

Weatherproof TVs, outdoor speakers, and automated landscape lighting reveal new possibilities for entertaining friends and family at home in St. Louis, MO. New to outdoor entertainment? Here's all you need to know. 

Top Ways You Can Enjoy Landscape Audio This Upcoming Spring

A luxurious backyard with landscape speakers from Sonance.

Get your home ready for alfresco get-togethers with our outdoor entertainment technologies!

The warmer months of the year are rapidly approaching in the St Louis, MO, region. Soon enough, we'll be able to host delicious cookouts and spend the day breathing fresh air under the warmth of sunshine. If you want to ensure your home will be ready for some outdoor fun once the spring and summer are here, you need to reach out to a professional integrator, such as AV Experts, to incorporate the best outdoor entertainment technologies.

Our clients love incorporating landscape audio systems, which can bring fun and joy to your alfresco spaces by simply pressing a button and playing your favorite audio content. Take a look at the blog below to discover a few ways you can enjoy this outdoor audio addition!

FAQs: What Do I Need for a Custom Home Theater?

A luxury home theater with low lighting, two rows of seating, and a mountain scene on screen.

A Home Theater Is More Than a Big Screen. Here's What You'll Need. 

With the right equipment and materials, professionally-installed home theaters can rival the experience of a commercial movie theater. Are you thinking of installing a custom home theater but aren't sure where to start?

According to our home theater company in St. Louis, MO, here's what you'll need for a new luxury home theater. 

How a Control4 Dealer Transforms Your Home Experience

A living space with a tablet mounted on the wall displaying the Control4 interface.

Compare Life Before & After Control4 Automation 

Once you've experienced daily life in a Control4 smart home, it's hard to imagine going back to basics. That's because everything is so much simpler and more streamlined with Control4, as your home's lighting, entertainment, security, and more are controlled from one system.

Rather than using incompatible 'smart' devices that don't communicate with each other, a Control4 dealer will design, wire, and install a sophisticated system that syncs to all your devices, anticipates your needs, and performs smoothly with every command. Here's what to expect from Control4 in your St. Louis, MO, home. 

What Is Whole-Home Audio & How Does It Work?

A modern, minimalist bedroom with two floor-standing loudspeakers on either side of the bed.

How to Bring High-Fidelity Music to Every Room 

Whenever you visit a restaurant, bar, or store, odds are there will be a sound system playing high-fidelity music across the building. Did you know you can bring the same music synchronization to your St. Louis, MO, house with a whole-home speaker system?

So whether you love classic rock or classical music, you can enjoy audio wherever you roam with a multi-room sound system. Here's how whole-home audio works and will enhance your everyday life. 

Home Automation: What Is It Good For?

Elegant living room with white walls and shades on the windows with two couches facing a coffee table.

Bring Greater Convenience to Your Home With These Automated Features

What differentiates home automation from off-the-shelf, do-it-yourself devices? A professionally installed smart system includes automated features that adjust your technology without requiring you to lift a finger or say a voice command. Your St. Louis, MO, home automatically prepares itself to meet your needs. 

10 Technologies to Include In Your St. Louis Smart Home

A bedroom with a tablet on the bedside table displaying a smart home interface.

All You Can Control & Automate with Control4 

What can you control in a modern smart home? If it's electronic, odds are you can manage it with a Control4 system.

Read on to see how a smart home installation can touch every corner of your house in the St. Louis, MO, area and simplify daily living for the whole family.

What Makes a Good Home Network Setup?

A home networking router in the foreground with a man sitting on a couch in the background.

 The Basics of Home Networking & Getting Better Wi-Fi  Do certain areas of your house hardly reach a Wi-Fi signal? Are you interested in smart home technology and unsure if your current system can handle more devices? Or are you working from home? If you answer 'yes' to any of these questions, it may be time to consider a home network...

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3 Elements You Must Have for the Perfect Custom Home Theater

A luxury home theater where the projector displays a landscape in realistic colors and high-picture quality.

Take your home entertainment to the next level with our world-class solutions!

Entertainment is a huge element of any modern, luxury home. Whether you like action movies full of excitement and adrenaline, romantic comedies with heartwarming endings, or educational documentaries on the life of Alexander the Great, there is one way you can enjoy all this content and more with a superior picture and high-end audio quality: investing in a custom home theater. In this blog, we will explore three elements you simply cannot miss when creating your own home theater for your St Louis, MO, home —take a look!

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