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How a Control4 Dealer Transforms Your Home Experience

A living space with a tablet mounted on the wall displaying the Control4 interface.

Compare Life Before & After Control4 Automation 

Once you've experienced daily life in a Control4 smart home, it's hard to imagine going back to basics. That's because everything is so much simpler and more streamlined with Control4, as your home's lighting, entertainment, security, and more are controlled from one system.

Rather than using incompatible 'smart' devices that don't communicate with each other, a Control4 dealer will design, wire, and install a sophisticated system that syncs to all your devices, anticipates your needs, and performs smoothly with every command. Here's what to expect from Control4 in your St. Louis, MO, home. 

Life Before Control4

Without a smart home system like Control4, all your home's devices are controlled separately. You have an app for music streaming, a handful of remotes for the home theater, and wall switches for every light. Wireless technologies are unreliable, as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be finicky. And any wired systems, like your TV or audio setup, can only be controlled in the room they live in.

Life with a Control4 Smart System

Everything flows like magic with Control4. Suddenly, you can activate and customize all your lights simultaneously, adjusting the brightness and color of each bulb or the entire house. You'll control your home technologies from a single interface, whether that's the hot tub jets or home security cameras.

Plus, your Control4 dealer will help you group devices into 'zones' and 'scenes' that allow you to automatically update the house's atmosphere. Tap the "Evening" button on your Control4 app or wall keypad, and suddenly the lights dim and glow warmly, shades lower, and soft music plays over the ceiling speakers. 

Partner with a Control4 Dealer Today 

If you're ready to bring luxury and sophistication to your new home in the St. Louis area, AV Experts is here to help. We're certified Control4 dealers that design and install complete smart home systems. Fill out our online contact form or call us at (314) 208-9630 to discuss your home project today, or to schedule a visit to our Control4 certified showroom!

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