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Are Outdoor Speakers Really Weatherproof?

An outdoor speaker installation with a speaker mounted against a house.

Get Long-Lasting, Great-Sounding Audio Outdoors

It almost sounds too good to be true—are outdoor speakers really weather-proof? As in, can they stay outside through the hottest St. Louis summers and snowiest winters?

The short answer is yes. Outdoor speakers are specifically designed to withstand the elements and deliver reliable performance, rain or shine. Think of sports stadiums, amusement parks, or restaurants with outdoor patios. Their audio systems can play rain or shine—and with the right equipment, so can yours. Plus, outdoor speakers can double as landscape lighting, like the speaker above!

Let's take a closer look at how outdoor speaker installations are done—and how you can make sure your outdoor speakers last as long as possible in your St. Louis, MO, backyard.

What Makes for a Successful Outdoor Speaker Installation?

Large luxury pool in a backyard surrounded by trees.

Design the Ultimate Outdoor Sonic Experience With the Right Tools 

Missouri springs are some of the most beautiful in the country, so why spend that time cooped up inside? A professional outdoor speaker installation lets you enjoy your favorite music or podcasts while lying by the pool or preparing a famous St. Louis barbecue.

When you work with us, you'll enjoy pristine sound without disrupting the neighbors or your landscaping. Check out our latest blog to see how we make it happen. 

An Outdoor Speaker Installation That Won’t Disturb Your Neighbors

A group of people gives cheers on an outdoor patio that opens into a home

Working with an expert helps you create a discreet speaker design

Outdoor speakers are popular upgrades that give homeowners more sound and excitement for outdoor events. However, some homeowners might hesitate to upgrade their outdoor spaces with audio, because they are worried about disturbing their neighbors. While this can happen with improperly installed speakers, a well-designed outdoor system provides clear and consistent sound without leaking outside of your property. Keep reading to learn more about what you need to consider when designing an outdoor speaker installation that won't disturb your neighbors in St. Louis, MO.
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