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An Outdoor Speaker Installation That Won’t Disturb Your Neighbors

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Working with an expert helps you create a discreet speaker design

Outdoor speakers are popular upgrades that give homeowners more sound and excitement for outdoor events. However, some homeowners might hesitate to upgrade their outdoor spaces with audio, because they are worried about disturbing their neighbors. While this can happen with improperly installed speakers, a well-designed outdoor system provides clear and consistent sound without leaking outside of your property. Keep reading to learn more about what you need to consider when designing an outdoor speaker installation that won't disturb your neighbors in St. Louis, MO.

Sound Design

One of the most important things to consider when planning your outdoor speaker system is the sound design: where you place the speakers and how you wire and mount them. Correct speaker placement is key to ensuring that the sound projects where you want it, so you don't wake the neighborhood. If you are only planning to enjoy audio in one part of your yard, then it is usually best to place the speakers around the perimeter of the space facing inwards toward the center. An expert integrator can create a custom design plan based on the unique needs of your area for even sound coverage throughout your property.


Managing the acoustics of an outdoor space is more difficult than an indoor space. The audio has to compete with ambient noise like a busy street, wind, and other sounds. A professional can ensure that the music from your outdoor sound system cuts through this noise, so you won't need to blast it at high volumes.

The best way to install a sound system that entertains you and your guests - and keeps your neighbors happy - is to consult with an experienced integrator for your design and integration. Our experts are ready to help. Contact AV Experts to learn more about our services and to kick off your home project today! 

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