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Outdoor Audio: Is a Single Speaker Enough?

A burial subwoofer pokes out of the ground in a landscape audio system.

See How a Single Speaker Compares to a Landscape Audio System

If you'd like to enjoy your favorite playlists and tunes on the patio or by the pool, you have a few options. Many people use a portable speaker they'll carry outside from the house and connect to via Bluetooth.

Another option is to install a landscape audio system that covers your entire lawn in sound. While that may sound like more of an investment, it's entirely worth it if you want superior audio quality—and to keep the volume at a lower level.

Which approach is best for your St. Louis, MO home? Let's compare. 

Using a Single Outdoor Speaker

While a portable speaker may sound fine indoors, the great outdoors is an entirely different environment. Without walls for sound waves to bounce off, you'll find audio loses its punch and sounds faded. If you're hosting a get-together, people won't be able to hear the music well on the other side of the lawn. But if you crank up the speaker, it will surely cause discomfort for anyone close by.  

Upgrading to a Landscape Audio System

The only way to evenly cover the outdoors with sound is to use multiple speakers. Landscape audio systems provide the coverage you'll need by filling in audio gaps. Believe it or not, with more speakers in your system, you can keep the volume levels lower . . . and the neighbors happier!

Your outdoor audio system can include small satellite speakers, larger upstanding loudspeakers, and even partial-burial subwoofers. When AV Experts installs landscape audio, we trench wires underground for a clean finish and appearance.

And you'll never have to take apart the audio system and bring it inside. Brands like Sonance and Paradigm design outdoor speakers that are entirely weatherproof—meaning they can remain outside all year long, through summer heat and winter snow!

If you're interested in outdoor audio in the St. Louis area, AV Experts is your destination. Contact us here to learn more about our outdoor entertainment solutions today! 

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