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How Control4 Home Automation Transforms the Home Experience

A black tablet perched on a pile of books. On the screen is the Control4 home automation interface.

Live Well & Live Smarter with Control4

Have you been acquainted with Control4 yet? If not, let us introduce you! Control4 is a sophisticated home automation system that controls audio, video, security, lighting, thermostats, and much more.

Whether you're new to automation or already have smart technology in your St. Louis, MO home, there's no better system than Control4. Here's how it can enhance your everyday life. 

You'll Control Everything Through One System

Is a smart home really helping if you need to juggle between different apps and remotes? We don't think so. Instead, a Control4 system consolidates all your home's devices into a single, easily-controlled ecosystem. Control4 acts like the brain of your smart home, sending commands to multiple devices simultaneously.

You'll Save Time with Automation

Does it ever feel like you have an endless to-do list from the start of each day? Take a load off with a Control4 smart system!

Each morning, your house can prepare itself for you by automatically activating to preferred settings. Motorized shades rise, and lights turn to the perfect brightness and color temperature. The thermostat adjusts to the ideal temperature, and music plays softly throughout the home. And when it's time to head out? Power everything off through a single command! 

You'll Access Your Home from Anywhere in the World

One of the most exciting and revelatory aspects of owning a Control4 system is that you can control your home's technologies from anywhere—even if you're nowhere near your house.

You don't need to be on the home Wi-Fi or within Bluetooth's range to lower the window shades or turn on porch lights. With the C4 app on your phone, you can activate devices from any location, whether you're at the office or on vacation in the Caribbean.

Are you curious to learn more about Control4 for your St. Louis home? Contact AV Experts for more information and to get started on your installation today! 

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