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FAQs: What Do I Need for a Custom Home Theater?

A luxury home theater with low lighting, two rows of seating, and a mountain scene on screen.

A Home Theater Is More Than a Big Screen. Here's What You'll Need. 

With the right equipment and materials, professionally-installed home theaters can rival the experience of a commercial movie theater. Are you thinking of installing a custom home theater but aren't sure where to start?

According to our home theater company in St. Louis, MO, here's what you'll need for a new luxury home theater. 

What Kind of Sound System Do I Need?

To build a fully immersive sound system, you'll need multiple surround sound speakers installed around the room. We recommend using at least a 5.1 sound system, which includes five loudspeakers and one subwoofer for rumbling low notes.

What Type of Projector or Screen Should I Buy?

Projectors have long been the top choice for home theaters due to their ultra-large visuals. Today you can find projectors in native 4K and laser projectors that shine the brightest, clearest images. If you're short on space, short-throw projectors can be placed a foot away from the wall and still cast a wide image.

If you'd prefer to install a television screen, today's 4K TVs are larger than ever, up to 80 or even 100 inches. We can disguise both projector screens and TVs with in-ceiling lifts that lower the display with a press of a button. 

Do I Need Acoustic Panels? 

Most likely, yes. When many speakers play in a room, sound frequencies can overpower each other, causing reverberations and distorting the sound. And if your theater has tall ceilings, glass walls or windows, or square dimensions, acoustic paneling will significantly improve the audio performance.

How Can I Control Theater Technology?

With a smart home controller, we can integrate all your home theater technology into one consolidated system. That means that from a single remote or app, you can activate the projector, choose a streaming service, turn on the Blu-ray player, or dim the lights.

Trust the Professionals

Sourcing equipment, installing technology, programming smart controls, and outfitting the room with acoustic treatments—it's a lot of work! Let the professionals at AV Experts handle it for you.

To learn more about our home theater services in St. Louis, contact our team or call (314) 208-9630 for a free quote. We look forward to working with you! 

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