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10 Technologies to Include In Your St. Louis Smart Home

A bedroom with a tablet on the bedside table displaying a smart home interface.

All You Can Control & Automate with Control4 

What can you control in a modern smart home? If it's electronic, odds are you can manage it with a Control4 system.

Read on to see how a smart home installation can touch every corner of your house in the St. Louis, MO, area and simplify daily living for the whole family.

  1. Whole-Home Audio

With a tap on the Control4 app or wall keypad, you can distribute music throughout the house. From portable speakers to in-wall and in-ceiling audio, you'll enjoy music, podcasts, and TV audio in every room.

2. TVs & Projectors

Through the same smart system, you can pull up Netflix, turn on the Blu-ray player, activate the projector, or turn on any TV in the house.

3. Heating & Cooling

A Control4 smart home also controls your air conditioning, heating, smart thermostats, fans—and even heated floors!

4. Automated Door Locks

Lock up the house on your way out or check on door locks while you're away with a glance at the Control4 app.

5. Garage Doors

Automate your garage door to close behind you—or wirelessly open and close it from any location.

6. Smart Lighting & Shading

Customize the brightness and color of your LED light fixtures by programming motorized shades to rise and lower with the sun.  

7. Home Security Devices

Grant your family peace of mind by checking on surveillance cameras, smart sensors, and alarms, with security notifications sent to your devices.

8. Energy Monitoring

Looking to reduce your carbon footprint? Monitor where your energy is going each month through the smart home system.

9. Pool & Spa

Before that dive or cannonball, turn on the pool filter, adjust the water temperature, and activate the hot tub jets.

10. Outdoor Entertainment

Brighten the landscape lights, turn on your outdoor TV, and enjoy outdoor audio all through the smart home system.

If you're interested in a smart home installation in the St. Louis area, contact AV Experts to learn more and get started today! 

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